Call for submission: Strikes

We’re launching our next open prompt for submissions to Red Futures!

You can see our last sets of short stories which respond to the previous prompts here.

For our next prompt, we are issuing an open call for submissions on the theme of "Strikes."

We want to think about the ways in which strikes - or broader ideas of collective action at work - can be explored in science fiction. This could cover a strike itself, new forms of action, practices, cultures, or more.

And if you need any inspiration, there are many stikes happening that you can take inspiration from on Strike Map.

Submissions can be short stories (2,000 words), longer pieces, in different media or formats. Contributors are welcome to join our Discord channel to discuss with other writers.

We have set a deadline of the 28th of February for submissions (but you can take longer of course!).

Please contact for further details.