The Expanse Expanded: A Special Issue of Red Futures

Edited by Jamie Woodcock

This collection is the result of an open call for submissions aiming to discuss The Expanse from multiple angles and approaches. We have brought together a collection that reflects on both the series and books, as well as the roleplaying game. With contributions from Lauren Bender, John Bultena, Mary B. Smith, Horst Trenkwill-Eiser, Heather Clitheroe, Mark A. McCutcheon, Davide Mana, Grigor (John) Velkovsky, John Roselli, Marcin Stolarz, and edited by Jamie Woodcock

You can buy the book here and the full text is available in various formats below, including links to individual chapters on the website.

The Expanse Expanded: A Special Issue of Red Futures

Introduction to The Expanse Expanded, followed by links to each chapter:

  1. Neck Tattoos, Melting Glaciers, and Blue Goo: The Aesthetics of The Expanse, by Lauren Bender
  2. Expanse Fandom: Beyond the Material Plane, by John Bultena
  3. Abraxas' Precipice roundtable: The Expanse RPG Actual Play chat for Red Futures Mag
  4. Heroism in The Expanse, By Mary B Smith
  5. The Expanse or: How Holden Kept Worrying and Learned to Embrace Division, by Horst Trenkwill-Eiser
  6. “We should have brought a poetry grad student”: Higher education and organised labour in The Expanse, by Heather Clitheroe and Mark A. McCutcheon
  7. The Politics of the Anthropocene: Environment and Society in The Expanse, by Davide Mana
  8. The Expanse On the Cyclical Nature of History, by Grigor (John) Velkovsky
  9. The Heart of The Expanse: Discovering Humanity in the Void, by John Roselli
  10. The Future Society of The Expanse, by Marcin Stolarz
  11. Work, Horror, and The Expanse, by Jamie Woodcock